How can I smooth a curved surface made with curviloft

Hi guys, I modeled an object which I’m intending to 3D print. The problem is that there’s this small texture/bump in some of the surfaces. I’d like to know if there’s a way to fix this so I dont have to smooth the model after 3D printing it. Thanks.

Suntwist 12cm SKP.skp (552.5 KB)

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve modeled.

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@tuna1957 was right. You need to use more segments in your curves. Work on the model at a larger scale. I scaled it to 120 meters tall and increased the number of sides on all the curves. Then I exported the .stl. Import this into your slicer and see if it looks any better. Other than increasing the number of segments in the curves, I didn’t do anything else to it.With import units set to millimeters it should print 120mm tall.

Suntwist 12cm SKP.stl (96.0 KB)

FWIW, your model doesn’t have a solid group/component which is important for models for 3D printing.

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Thank you so much! I’ll take what you said into consideration whenever I’m modeling something like this again.

Another thing to keep in mind.
One of the issue with your model is the segments being somewhat irregular. This is forcing some of them to almost overlap in the twist, hence the tension lines. Smoothing the edges themselves, even at this scale, will often be enough to smooth the surface. It’s not very clear in the gif but you can see the hidden geometry is less dense. Smoothing the edges has actually remove about 100 segments while arranging them better.

Here they are side by side in my printer software. Not perfectly smooth but probably more than the print resolution. The new one on the right.

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Thanks a lot, it’s really usefull insight, I will take it into account next time!