Smart Blocks: Manual or Dynamic Creation?

What is the best way you consider to create customized (smart) blocks?

Creating through individual shapes like cubes by hand or using dynamic blocks?

Creating code by hand bothers me a bit because Ctrl+Z gets cluttered with object instances, but with dynamic blocks, I have some doubts as I would like to make parts with dynamic properties.

What do you think is best, and what do you recommend I research?

SketchUp doesn’t use “blocks”. What is it you are trying to model?

I want to create an entity that can change dimensions, forming for example, a kitchen wall cabinet. But if I want to make a corner cabinet with the entire base as a single piece, I wouldn’t know how to do that using dynamic blocks. So, I’m trying to find a solution by learning Ruby.

For your purpose, I think the best way is the dynamic components. Most people do it that way.

There are also the newer Live Components which use a graphing wizard (for those people who do not know computer programming.)

I would suggest this topic be reassigned to the Dynamic Components subcategory, as it is general and not specific to coding.