SketchUp workflow ideas for SET DESIGN/ CONCEPT DESIGN

Yes, thank you. I experimented with Styles…I really like them, I whish there would be a new style with every new version just to shake things up…

There is the Style Builder too, which I tried once.

You can control most aspects of a style directly from within SketchUp using the Edit and Mix tabs of the styles pallet. These can also be saved to create your own library of unique styles.

I’m just a one man band.

Yes. It’s very good. But I think Style Builder offer even more possibilities…like add your own stroke and paper texture…

I am a production designer working exclusively in commercials, I discovered sketchup in 2003 after struggling with cad programs and 3d studio then max.
Sketchup saved me, the intuitive interface the speed and the online community was fantastic.I still use sketchup and photoshop. exporting elevations to jpgs for construction and visuals for presentation.
Because of the fast turnover of my work i often have to produce complex builds over night that i then have to change over the next few days, I have never seriously used any rendering apps.
Rendering apps tended to be very slow and cumbersome and unforgiving in the past, is something like twinmotion now practical.?
I’m ashamed to say I never spent the time to learn layout, and I’m impressed you find it valuable.
It sounds like i should take a look.
Like you I spend my life trying to give sketchup visuals a bit of life using photoshop and occasionally actual pencils,
Mainly i need texture and aging and occasionally some lighting.
I have got away with it now for a long time and it has served me well, but I notice younger art directors producing flashy well lit visuals so its time i make an effort and see whats available and simple!

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