SketchUp with Texas instruments (TI-nspire cx CAS) Wins and Mac

Hello, I’m currently learning SketchUp and want to share some discussions on future updates if it is able to input spreadsheets directly from Numbers (Mac) and Excel (Wins)? While using complex calculations on Texas instruments (TI-nspire cx CAS or other versions), it will be very helpful to insert the data directly to SketchUp. Hope these suggestions help SketchUp developer teams to make it more accurate on modeling with better performance.

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I’m guessing you can expect this won’t happen with the free hobbyist version you are using.

If these updates available, it will be good to know the price for the Beta or Pro version.
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Show a use case that might encourage those who can make this happen to consider it.

I don’t think this could be added to sketchup, usually spreadsheets are added on the documentation pages, on layout you can import and link excel files into your layout file, and any changes you make on excel or numbers will be updated on the layout file.
By the way Layout is available only on the sketchup pro and studio versions, the cost is $350/year.

Thank you.

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