Sketchup viewer will not show my files

IMG_0855.PNG.pdf (41.4 KB)

Why not post the image or a screen shot of it?

I did post a screenshot of what I’m getting. I’ve been using Sketchup viewer for about three years without a problem. Now it won’t load my Files for some reason

I mean an image direct in the post, not just a downloadable link to it. Not a big deal, just one fewer step to take to help you.

There was a big update to SketchUp Viewer today. Would be worth signing out and signing in again, and see if more things show up.

Will do, thanks

Im not how to do that. I dragged the screenshot from my desktop to the post.
Anyway, here’s the 3 images of the 3 steps I did:

IMG_0856.PNG.pdf (214 KB)

IMG_0854.PNG.pdf (58.4 KB)

IMG_0855.PNG.pdf (72.2 KB)

That worked,Thanks!