SketchUp use for project of bulding creating

Hello everyone!
Sorry for my bad english, but I need your help. I created building project by SketchUp 8 version, and now I need to get list of all project parts, preferable with measures.

I will very happy, if anyone knows about that possibility in SketchUp 8, and ready to share this information.

Thank you very much.

SU Pro has a feature call Generate Attribute Report which should provide you with the information you need. SU8 Pro had that option in addition to the latest SU versions.

If you don’t have Pro, there are some other options to get an attribute report listed in this section Tips & Tricks.

For the last few releases we have been adding capabilities to SketchUp that will make it easier for you to work with information in your models. Here’s a blog post where I talk about that in more detail: Retired SketchUp Blog: Information Modeling in SketchUp