Sketchup to Rhino

There seems to be a number of posts for importing Rhino into Sketchup.

Anyone familiar with the process in the other direction? Sketchup 2020 Pro to Rhino?


I do occasional house models from survey for an architect who uses Rhino.

I export to DXF and he seems happy with that.

I had a query about Rhino (and then to Twinmotion) myself…

You can import .skp files directly in Rhino. But, as with all types of file interoperability issues, it is best to downsave to a lower version, probably version 8

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Rhino 5 import and export well SKP 2017 as my experience.

Rhino 7 import from SKP3 to SKP2020. Because of McNeel more friendly commercial policy, you can expect to support SKP2021 file format on a future (free of charge) Rhino7 update.

Clarification : I bought Rhino 5 in 2015. I noticed by opening today Rhino 5 (which MacNeel does not prohibit me from using while having Rhino 7 …) that Rhino 5 exports in version 2017. So MacNeel added this possibility during free updates. In addition to fair prices, there are paid updates every 3/5 years ($395 during a promotional period). Users don’t have obligation to update because they don’t lose their license. They update because the products are interesting, not because they are forced. This is what I call a “more friendly” trade policy.

Getting off topic here, does McNeel offer a free version to use privately like SketchUp Make 2017?
We get the message, @presence-architecture, please continue your crusade in a different topic…

Yea, I had found another source somewhere that mentioned down saving to SU 8, searching further.

Thanks Mike