Sketchup SDK questions?

I’m wondering if this feature (making it possible to load plugins via ~/Application Support/SketchUp/…) is still on your to do list?

I just checked in 2019 and it still doesn’t work. I’d love to know if it’s supposed to work and I’m just doing it wrong?

It’s pretty icky to have to copy a plug-in into the app bundle, and it looks like this was a thread from 5 years ago. Would be great to see it get bumped up in priority.

Note if it ends up still being a “to do”, please file a public issue so it can be tracked and discussed in the SketchUp API tracker GitHub repo.

v18 I wrapped the XML exporter in a zip, inside a .rbz…

the loader script for the .rbz called Sketchup.install_from_archive(my_zip) and that worked…


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But Paul said in NOV of 2014 …

Has this officially changed and with what version did it change ?

I just shoe horned it into existing extensions on v16…v19

v17…19 all worked but 17 + 18 both popped the has access to your files dialog during the load…

that may be how deep I buried them as they where in extension files and v19 in a menu file…

16 loads it into User/plugin and bug splats if you open Export 3d …

I guess it was added to v17, but it may be my test at fault there…


I went completely through the C SDK "version.txt" file and there is no mention of any changes in regard to the Mac .plugin (folder/bundle?) importers / exporters.

The "" file in the root of the skp_to_xml sample project still says …

#### Mac:

1. Go into xcode project after building and locate the Products folder
    in the project navigator.
2. Right-click the plugin and click Show in Finder.
3. Copy/paste the plugin into
    /Applications/SketchUp 2019/
4. Run SketchUp 2019 and create a model.
5. Go to File -> Export - 3D Model.
6. Choose "XML Exporter (*.xml)" as your Save type.
7. Give the xml a filename and click Export.

Lets continue in the thread we already had going about this:

Well since I posted here about the SDK import.export sample’s readme files, would you agree their ReadMe(s) need updating for installs on newer OSX versions ? (Ie, ref the path in no. 3 above.)

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The SDK documentation generally needs an overhaul. :confused:

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Well all the “needs” will keep you employed. :wink:

REF: API Issue filed:

Yea… ain’t no lack in work to be done…