Sketchup SDK questions?

Where’s the right place to post questions about the SketchUp SDK? I’ve downloaded it and built the sample project, but it’s not clear where I should install the resulting XMLExporter.plugin sample to get going. The SDK looks nice, but having trouble with the initial bootstrap…

This is the right section.

What OS are you on?

I’m on the Mac, using SketchUp 2015 Pro

@bugra or @paul - I’m not familiar with these SDK importer/exporters - where are they supposed to be located?

Hi Thom,

On Mac, they’re in the package under Contents/Plugins.


Hi Thom,

On Mac, they’re in the package under Contents/Plugins.


But if I want to write a custom plug-in, I should put it in the app bundle directly? In this day and age of signed apps where messing with the contents of the app is considered bad form, that seems the wrong approach. Usually I’d expect there to be some path, like ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/ etc. where it would look to pick up local customizations.

That said, I dragged the resulting XmlExporter.plugin from the Xcode sample project into /Applications/SketchUp\ 2015/ and restarted SketchUp, but didn’t see a .xml exporter show up on any of the File->Export-> options.

What am I missing?

I agree that you shouldn’t have to add your importer or exporter to the app bundle. Unfortunately SketchUp doesn’t currently support looking for importer/exporter plugins in Application Support/SketchUp, though it is on our radar to do.

I’m not sure why XmlExporter.plugin didn’t work for you. I just built the plugin and copied it to, and it shows up as one of my exporters. Did you build it as 64-bit? That project actually allows for 32 or 64 bit builds still, but it has to be 64-bit to work with SU 2015.

Hope that helps.

Interesting. I must have built it 32 bit - I just built it 64 bit, put it there and it’s working.

One suggestion - you could put a copy file step in the Xcode project to copy the plug-in there and also launch the app in the debugger - I have this set up for other plug-ins and apps I work with.

Happy to send you a modified Xcode project that does this…

Okay, glad it’s working for you now. I have this problem in our backlog as a problem we need to solve.

Regarding your suggestion, we do actually do that in our internal builds with all our importers and exporters, but we didn’t add that capability to the xml examples.


Might be helpful to put a note/README with the example code for less experienced Xcode users that wouldn’t realize that they could do this.

Makes debugging a plug-in sooooo much easier.

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So I wanted to refresh my plug-in for 2017, but am not able to find where I can download the latest SDK. Can someone please give me a link?

If you are logged in (and are a registered developer) then you should see the download buttons at the bottom of the page.

I am a registered developer and logged in, and all I see is a button for the application to be a developer. Very frustrating.

if I click dan’s link it takes me to a page with a ‘sign in’ button at the top left…

when I sign in with my ‘Trimble Identity’ I have the option to download the two SDK’s…

I use to log in with my Google account, but recall that going pear shaped a while back…

BTW: the last time I built the xml sample with Xcode it ran fine from my ~/Library/…/…/Plugins path…


Weird. Maybe my Trimble ID is not a developer’s ID? I certainly downloaded the last several years (over the years), and was in the beta program with that Trimble ID, so I’m not sure what’s up. Hopefully Tuesday someone there will answer my email and I’ll get developer’s credentials again.

Try using the ID / password that you use to log into the developer center and submit rbzs for encrypting.

The only developer work I’ve ever done is for our in-house Objective-C++ plug-in for the Mac. I’ve never submitted it anywhere.

Well, there is no way I could divine what account you used to sign up as a developer.

Do you receive developer email notices to any particular account ?
(There was one sent just this past May 19, entitled
"C++ API is no more! What do you need to make the switch?",
which talked about the planned deprecation of the C++ API, and asked developers using the C/C++ APIs to take a poll.)

Yes, I did get that email.

And no, I don’t expect you to know :slight_smile: , just mentioning it in case there’s a Trimble person reading this that can check.