SketchUp refuses to load my plugin after adding texture related API, C++

I am writing one exporter. It works well. But I got strange trouble today. After adding texture related APIs, e.g. SUMaterialGetColorizeType, my plugin fails to load by Sketchup.
It took me a long time to figure this out because it builded and linked well without any error.
Does anyone meet the same trouble? How to fix it? Thank your very much!

Show a snippet of your code trying to to use this C API function.

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There is no word “builded”. The past tense of build is built.

Please review examples …

Thank you for built.
The codes is very simple. Like this:
SUMaterialColorizeType colorize;
auto rest = SUMaterialGetColorizeType(material, &colorize);
//info.use_tint_ = (rest == SU_ERROR_NONE && colorize == SUMaterialColorizeType_Tint);

There are more. Just commented. The top two lines are enough for me to get the problem.
I am thinking that I am not using right SDK version.
My Sketchup is 2019.0. But the SDK could be 2019.x.

But how are you getting material ?
How are you getting the model reference ?

I strongly suggest updating to 2019.3, … why are you waiting ?

And again … please read …

Yes. I am downloading it. And I will report after test.

Yes, 2019.3 loads. Thank you!