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Basic Sketchup modeling with Vray.

How does SKP Pro utlilize processing power with the new MacBook Pro i9 series?

Is RAM more valuable than the Graphics Card?

If Graphics card is a factor - Vega20 vs. Radeon560x?

Your iMac would handle SketchUp fine, V-ray, however, will not take advantage of their GPU.

Lots to read if you do a search:

Thanks for the response! Not an iMac… a MacBook Pro i9… do you know if Vray uses RAM more than Graphics card? Is the Grapghics card used for SKP at all?

SketchUp Pro requires Open GL.

V Ray only works with Nvidia cards for GPU rendering.

If you are doing light rendering duties, your i9 CPU will likely be ok.


Most if not all 3D model software runs on one core, and need a ‘dedicated 3D video card’, so SketchUp will run fine on your mac.

On machines with graphic cards other then NVIDIA based Cuda core architecture, V-ray can use the CPU only, so an 4 or 8GB GPU does not matter to V-ray at all

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Other folks here have described SketchUp’s hardware requirements well, but I think you’ll find that V-Ray will take advantage of as many processor cores and as much RAM as you can throw at it.

SketchUp and V-Ray, while both graphics applications on the surface, actually have pretty different hardware requirements.

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