Sketchup Pro 2019, where to download this version?

I uninstalled Sketchup Pro 2019, but after I need to uninstall Datasmith SketchUp Exporter 4.26, but I cannot uninstall it.

Then I think if I install Sketchup Pro 2019, and install Datasmith 2.46, and uninstall datasmith, and then unistall Sketchup 2019, it would work.

But in the Trimble Sketchup page, the Sketchup 2019 version does not appear.

Someone knows the link official to download Sketchup 2019?


It was easier, I downloaded Datasmith 4.26 ( Datasmith Exporter Plugins - Unreal Engine ) then uninstall and It worked, without installing again Sketchup 2019.


Here you go.