SketchUp Pro 2014 64 Bit Download Link



So I’ve had SketchUp Pro downloaded on my 64 bit Windows computer since 2014. The program was having a startup problem so I had to refresh my operating system and I need to download SketchUp 2014 again… The problem is that SketchUp doesn’t provide a link to download the SketchUp Pro 2014 64 Bit. It’s the only download link missing… Is there a reason for this? What do you suggest I do if they can’t provide a 64 Bit link? I’ve contacted SketchUp but they have not been very helpful for some reason… Please advise as to what I should do.


Hi @zachlawton20, I don’t believe there ever was a 64bit version of SketchUp 2014.

64bit was introduced with 2015 according to these release notes.

Scrolling down to SketchUp 2015 notes you will find:

Released November 3rd, 2014

Version Numbers:
Microsoft Windows 64-bit: 15.0.9350
Microsoft Windows 32-bit: 15.0.9351
Mac OS X: - 15.0.9349


What’s New?

64-bit application

We’ve updated the SketchUp engine to run as a 64-bit application on both PC and Mac operating systems.

SketchUp 2014 32bits will work fine on a 64bit OS.


You are quite right.

The only advantage to the 64-bit version is its ability to use more than about 3GB of memory under a 64-bit OS.



Wow I feel really dumb… Thanks! I just swore I remembered downloading 64 Bit but apparently not. I wasn’t sure if I could use 32 bit but I just downloaded and it works fine! Thank you so much!