Sketchup material editor?




In the past I have used a material editor that was created by vRay and was completely free. This worked very well with imagination visualiser, however it doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

Can anyone suggest a free material editor that will allow me to use bump maps, created advanced materials that works with rendering software such as imagination visualiser?


Not sure what you are asking here? From memory, Visualiser doesn’t (didn’t) work with material files - the look was derived from the Sketchup material definition i.e. ‘Shiny_bumpy_plastic’ and would use the Sketchup material colour or texture.
Any image editor will allow you to create maps - free ones like GIMP are fine. At the other end is Substance Designer, which is a procedural material designer but you still need a rendering extension that supports materials - KerkyThea is a free renderer but has a learning curve and is not a one button renderer like Visualiser was. Ambient Occlusion Pro is decent but costs money and is a one button renderer (ish) but will just use the Sketchup material and doesn’t support reflections etc (its just rendering an ambient occlusion pass) but you can get some nice results. Pretty much all other renderers on the market have a built in material editor.

Hope this helps


Visualiser worked very good with thevRay material editor, not really sure why because the two aren’t technically ‘linked’. Put this way, if a image was applied using standard SU material editor and rendered with visualiser it would look fairly poor. If the same image was put into vRay editor along with a bump map, the results were incredibly different and much nicer. Things like glass water and reflections also worked very good in vRay and visualiser.

Ambient Occulusion is perhaps the next best thing, but for me nothing beats visualiser, until it’s broke which it sort of it but it costs money.

In the default sketchup material editor, am I right in saying there is no way to add bump maps to the actual image that you see? (for example a brick wall texture with ‘layers’ of black and white images that are the bump maps.)

I’ve installed a few other rendering programs and have used a file that I made the textures in (vray editor and visualiser). The results are very, very poor so I guess this is why a complete package would be needed if I want it to work properly.

EDIT: This is the vRay editor I used in combination with Visualiser:


Correct, its a straight forward flat image with no layering. SU materials do not natively support ‘shaders’


Do you know of a free plugin that allow for shaders? Very annoyed that vRay don’t have it available for Mac or windows anymore because it worked perfectly!


…also looking at the video - that is just VRAY - albeit a very old version. It is still available, I’m using it today - you just gotta pay for it.

Probably KerkyThea might be a good place to start - its free.
Also Twilight render Hobby version may also suit your needs


The editor in the video I posted was a standalone thing, no trial or license needed (at leat for Mac).

It looks like they have removed this and now only supply the new version with trial period only?

#8 a great place to get materials with bump maps. You can download 15 royalty-free textures per day.


If you need something that is free, Gimp will suit all your needs.


The textures (and maps) themselves aren’t the hurdle to overcome. It more about finding a plugin that will allow me to use said maps inside sketchup.

I’m currently trialing Twilight which has a similar material editor as vRay did. I will see how it works with Visualiser, but for ‘future proof’ I may just go with Twilight hobby. I think it’s a learning curve though to get good results, compared to Visualiser which worked very, very well with almost no setting to mess around with.


Ahh I see, ok good luck, there are so many to choose from I guess but I can’t help between the free versions. I am using Keyshot at the moment and loving it but it’s not free.