Sketchup Make 2017 plugin to add angle degree's when dimensioning

I’m a Wood Worker and I need to be able to be able to show angles in degree’s when dimensioning. I would appreciate any suggestions on one that is proven to be good.


There’s an angular dimension plugin at Sketchucation that might work for you.

Thanks Dave

Jim Wilson

There’s a later version which puts the dimension text in the plane of the angle, not as Leader Text - see

It’s a significant enhancement of Steve Baumgartner’s original draw_angle_dim (Angular Dimension v4.0) that @DaveR gave you a link for. I worked with Steve to develop it.

See which you prefer - they both do the basic job you are asking for.

Hi John,

Thanks for your info. Is there any way I can remove this one?

Jim Wilson

The most robust way to remove it is to go to your Plugins folder and delete the file SB_draw_angle_dim.rb file and the folder of the same name without .rb at the end.

Alternatively, if you used the Sketchucation Extension tool to install it, go to Extensions/Sketchucation/Sketchucation Plugins Uninstaller and use that to remove it.

Thanks John

Jim Wilson

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