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The spinning beach ball makes the amount of productive time in Layout at about 20%. Will this be addressed??? No problem if you want more money. I demand better performance because I eat a lot of time waiting for Layout to catchup. I jokingly called the app Catchup rather than Sketchup.


Subsciption has nothing to do with a browser-based online version but is a type of licensing which is now available for the SketchUp Pro Classic desktop version too.


… via the contained Pro Classic desktop license only.


Total Pants Guys!!! No wonder you waited so long to break this one. I have been using SU for a very long time and promoting it at the educational facility where I work as well as architecturally. One of the primary reasons for staying was the perpetual license. At your rates I can buy ArchiCAD over five years and have a perpetual license with them AND get upgrades. Major disappointment and a total turn around from the free, fun product that could then be upgraded to a professional piece of kit. I think you just shot yourself in the foot. Take a look around, I think you will lose between 40 to 60% of your current client base. You will have certainly have lost me unless we get back to a sub $1000 CAD program.


:thinking: at in the SketchUp Pro Subscribe column it says “Professional desktop software + Premium online modeler” - have I missed something?


I never talked about the web based! I’m talking about the SketchUp Pro Classic desktop version.

Let me ask you, once the classic M&S goes away, and I switch to a Monthly Subsribtion method, Am I will be able to work on SU and LO if there’s no web on my computer?


This thinking is incorrect. For SketchUp Desktop apps, subscription does not mean that they “run on the web” or can’t run offline. SketchUp desktop still runs on your computer’s hardware and can be used offline. That will remain true for the foreseeable future.



read different to me.

The initial product activation of the last versions did already needed an internet access to reach the Trimble license server. With a subscription version it will be pretty likely the same, i.e. needs to conatct the license server at least at the time the subscription is lapsing to check for an extened runtime bought.


Yes! You need to be online periodically so your subscription license can be verified but otherwise you can run offline for about 28 days. This isn’t a huge change from the requirements of a classic license which needs the web in order to activate on a machine or be removed properly so it can be moved elsewhere.


nope, meant is the included Pro Classic desktop version.



I 100% agree with your assessment. We are speaking the same language.


I think the issue is that if you don’t keep up the annual $120 fee, the upgrade opportunity lapses. So you can only upgrade in a annual cycle that you are paying for. If you don’t pay it and then want to upgrade you are stuck with then paying the full price to get back in the game.

Back in the @last days the focus was more on functionality and improving the tools. The focus of this “upgrade” is centered around a business model, basically about money. It seems that the goal is to leave SU as a basic entity and rely on 3rd party developers to do most of the heavy lifting and provide plugins to make it more functional…most of whom are doing it for free while the SU team make the money.

You might consider FormZ as an alternative at this point.


ok, it looks like I misunderstood the sub method process. Thx for the reply.


Oh how I miss the @Last gang… they were so easy to work with…


where does this info come from?

The perpetual Classic license can be upgraded even if the maintenance has lapsed up to 3 years by paying an additional reinstatement fee, at least if nothing has changed according this policy.




Most people are only interested in the TRUTH, and I think it’s finally here,… and I appreciate that you’re the one to say it. It looks like the clean mountain air is paying off—the skiing passion has been worth it all along—and I for one am happy to finally catch a little bit of the clear breeze which has made it’s way out of the underground SketchUp bunkers.

You guys have been carrying around the Subscription Bomb Model for FAR TOO LONG, and have unfortunately suffered from a mild dose of radiation sickness, as a result of working with it (aka Lise Meitner syndrome).

What are the symptoms of the Subscription Bomb Radiation Sickness:
  • Delivering inconsistent messages to the loyal users who have helped fund the companies early development. […some tend to feel slighted by them]

  • Delivering half truths—because you have a bit of unpopular news to deliver and you’re worried that folks are not going to take to it very well. [… this ones offensive because it assumes stupidity on the part of the loyal users… Do you think they don’t already know?]

  • Having, and worse USING,… Talking Points. [… deceptive in that they cloud and tend to avoid dealing with the more serious conversation in a simple and direct manner… leaving residue behind.]

I’ve never really used the free version of SketchUp, and don’t believe in it. I come from the camp where I want to pay for the things I use. The higher the price, the higher the expectations.

Please let’s make this the last year that this is ever discussed… Figure out when the cut off point is going to be, and make an announcement so people can plan ahead.

Not dealing with this in a direct way only leaves around residue which ultimately has be cleaned up at a future time. You guys say you’ve cleaned up the UI because you were Feeling Fresh (or something to that effect).

Think about how nice it will be if you don’t have to go into next year discussing and explaining WHY you need money to work, and HOW the Subscription model is going to help provide that.


WOAH! This is absolutely not true! I’m very sorry everyone. We are a big team and wires got crossed here.

Rather than try to hide this I’ll simply say that it is not the true. No decisions have been made to phase out perpetual licenses. We will continue to let our customers and the market as a whole, inform us as to how they want to purchase software in the future.


Then I stand corrected, I was not aware of the 3 year rule. I was basing this on the experience of a friend who hadn’t paid the annual fee and was unable to upgrade, but he must of been past the 3 year mark.
What does the reinstatement fee cost?


A good number of us @lasters are still here. I started working on SketchUp Aug 31st 1999 as a intern doing beta testing. I want to acknowledge that there are a ton of valid points in this thread and we are listening.

I know this release must seem like we’ve officially “jumped the shark” (look it up : ) but everyone needs to know that we’re making changes so we can give SketchUp another 20+ years as great product. AND If we’re able to stay on our current course, I’m confident that the next 20 years of sketchUp will be way better than the first 20.