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I suggest you start a new thread @aaron.marr, and add other relevant details.

It may end up looking like a SU Shop feature requests.


The component Attributes (editor) is a very nice tool btw… something SketchUp could possibly focus more attention on for future upgrades.


The @last team would be ashamed at Trimbles antics, pathetic money grab in progress, time to move on @last.


@jbacus You cannot he serious. To suggest that the plugins someone might want for layout is somehow not painfully obvious.


The subscription base software platform is the industry standard now. Why people are surprised, I have no idea. Heck, my email (office 360) is subscription. Since you can still buy a perpetual license, is it just fear of what happens down the road? Autodesk, DataCAD all have been subscription based for years at a much higher cost. I think you’ll find all software following this model very soon.

SketchUp and Layout are priced at a bargain cost for what you can achieve. Any business that is even remotely profitable would see $299/yr as a minimal expense given the competition.

As for new features in the 2019 release, I think everyone needs to read the bug fixes, instead of simply focusing on added features. Remember, what makes SU so powerful is simplicity. You can make it as big as you like with plugins, or as simple as you like using native tools. The key is the base software. I for one don’t want to see it loaded up with features. That would destroy the whole premise of why I, and many of you love it so much. Performance is far more important than additions.

Just my 2 cents.


Maybe this thread can help you understand…


Amen Joe!

Could the Sketchup Team please just let us know (in the very near future) if they plan to do anything about Layout so that we can decide if it’s a proper software for our workflow?


No, unfortunately. My point was, the majority of professional software is or is currently changing to the subscription platform. Why would SU be any different.


I share your concerns with the kernel performance of SU and where development is heading (I am sure Trimble share those concerns too).

What I believe is worth considering further, is the history of SU and the steps Trimble has taken to honour that history. Because SU was free for so long, Trimble has put in a lot of effort with the free web version. This history also makes it less certain as to the viability of turning it into a cloud based powerhouse or other options (especially considering the competition).

Relevant industries are also changing fast technologically, so SU needs maintain relevance with VR, AR and XR services, etc. (I would class this effort as critical to SU’s survival).

So, the desktop Pro version has clearly had much less input than most would like.

The Pro subscription may also be critical to SU’s survival to bring in new Pro users.


We’re not suprised, we’re disappointed. (in my case: discourage)

That’s why I’m not using office anymore and most people I know do the same. Actually I don’t recall anyone in my network who see subs beeing a good thing.

Yes it is. This for me is Deja vu more than once. When I was in music industry, I saw the same scenario happen to Cakewalk/Sonor, who eventually die. I was running Cirque du Soleil shows on that software. That really shaked my business and I don’t want to go back there. The most scary thing about sub is not the sub itself, it’s that could mean the end. So again, Yes it’s pure fear.
added: And because learing a new software/workflow takes time and ressources, it would be nice to see the curve coming.

Can’t be more agree! Time to apply this beautiful though to LO now.

To repeat some on this forum, AMEN!

It’s good to read your opinion Nick.


I understand the disappointment, but I’ve always been surprised at the number of complaints on the actual cost of SU throughout the years. It’s one of the least expensive softwares I use.

I stand by my comment that it is a relative bargain, when compared to every other pro software out there, even in subscription form.

BTW, I use and still have Cakewalk!


Rhino 3d doesn’t offer a subscription from what I can see…has far more to offer anyway…


I think the main issue is that it is human nature to be afraid of the unknown. This is where a carefully thought out strategic road map would be beneficial.

It would have to be balanced as explained in this article.


To avoid the give us your email dialog …


So is SketchUps only focus is towards the professional now?..and don’t say shop as that’s a frigging joke… don’t they know not everyon’s got internet access…


I have yet to see full construction documents from Rhino. Maybe they are out there? Great modeling program though. Just watch…subscription to come!


I totally agree with you. I have no problem with the cost and too think it’s still a bargain. I do however feel that layout is lagging way behind in functionality. I love simplicity and would prefer not to rely on too many plugins. But for you to have to manually coordinate labels on doors and windows and not be able to extract data from the component and easily reflect it in a schedule in 2019 is simply unacceptable to me. (I should say without a lot of manual manipulation.) I actually don’t really want much from SU other than performance and stability. Layout is a different story.

BTW, I really admire your work. Your a pioneer and you gave me the confidence to pursue projects using solely SU and LO which I am doing now. Not as cleanly or as efficiently as you but I’m working on it.


I’ve been watching Form Z tutorials for the last three hours. Someone help me get my head out of the clouds…why is SU/LO better than Form Z?..for architectural drawing/modeling and documentation.


personally I am thankful every year you guys make a release, i always find the new features useful. i love sketchup and i am in for the long haul… the upgrade fee for my classic license is more than fair for what i expect, well kind of i expect more development!!! but to your question yes i would expect SU to be more CAD friendly as in import and export there are several programs capable of importing and exporting text, dimensions hatches etc. and SU needs to be able to import and export from one to the other seamless, i am OK with annotation and dimensions in layout “it is adaptable in autocad, rhino, turbocad” and many others.

Now this comes from a non programmer perspective and surely there are things i have no comprehension of.

We cant develop a dimension tool more customizable that understands imported dimensions how many years has this not changed? we cant develop vector hatches? why not… is importing simple text such an endeavor?

i am impressed to see that the implementation of dashed lines followed the by layer thinking to be more industry standard i think we are getting there but at a non optimistic pace i would kind of agree as to others mention.

as far as layout i am not going to open that box up it has been beat to death prior to this release but if you know what your working with and know how to split up your layout files and your models it can handle what ever you adapt your workflow to.

lastly whats up with a pdf import for layout, has that been ventured?

i will close this with i am thankful, and keep doing a good job i love your product


I don’t know I’m going to have to go watch 3 hours of video first.