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Time will tell on that…

While I’m here. The last software developer (financial planning software) in my life that decided to start forcing me to upgrade to their latest product, when the version I had worked perfectly fine and I was perfectly happy with it, and perfectly happy being 5 or even 10 years behind the Bleeding Edge… angered me to no end. There’s no inherent right that exists here, for a maker of a product, any product, that says customers MUST buy what they’re making! That they MUST have the latest version. You software developers cry about your revenue stream, and why you need customers to continue to contribute regularly by purchasing every year blah blah blah. How are you so different from say… Ford Motor Company. I own a 2014 F150, but I don’t feel compelled to buy a new truck every year, and the vast majority of people I know feel the same way. It’ll be years in the future yet before I buy another truck from Ford or anyone else. That’s because I’m happy with what I have. But how does Ford survive? Don’t know don’t care because that’s not my job to ensure survival of corporations, but they do. They’ve structured their business model somehow, to be just fine right here right now, even I’ve bought a mere 2 vehicles from Ford brand new in my entire life (I’m 54). Now the software company I was speaking of has jumped to the ultimate mode of coercion against it’s customers, the subscription model, and the only thing there is for me to say to that is… see ya! This, I believe, is the core principle at work here. Snarky? Really? Your defense of a company that’s [attempting] to introduce the same type of thumbscrew mechanism on it’s customers, while providing little in the way of features (pronounced Value) is snarky. Defending a way of [attempting] to do business that is going to backfire. When businesses do this, I go away. From what I’m reading on this topic, I’m just one of many that have but one thing to say… See ya. Trimble, you don’t have an entitlement to have me constantly provide you a stream of revenue by constantly buying updates to your software or even worse, by “subscribing” to keep a privilege to access your app online. I’ll buy it if I like it. If I like it enough, I’ll upgrade when and if I feel the need. You can take your subscription model and… you know the rest.


From Trimble’s point of view, they have gambled on SU - taking financial risks, considering the development history baggage - free for many years, now needing to earn it’s way.

I see the subscription as more about gaining new users - may be critical to robust SU development continuity.

Comments regarding the SU kernel / core being slower than the competition do concern me, but this example does put that in some perspective -

Calgary company (Jayman Built) - 83% production time reduction switching from traditional CAD on a $300M project (and 82% cheaper than CAD / Revit)!!!

So it appears in this case, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages significantly (with traditional CAD).

Subscription...Monthly $25 SketchUp Pro License

That is correct. M&S customers will receive the updates to the SketchUp Pro desktop product by way of M&S releases. We have not yet determined the schedule of those releases.


Been a user of SketchUp since 2003, the new pricing structure will force me to consider other options. Little new features, price gouging will be the new way.


Interesting. But why? Every other app also has its undo feature. What’s the problem in SU? Is it related to the way SU automatically generates new faces when you draw closed lines or draw on faces? Or is it the inference engine?


I am now a pro version subscription users(no longer use pirated soft I am sorry),the reason why I support your bussiness:1.Finally I am able to afford sketchup thanks to subscription model 2. I believe you will work hard for users,and I believe you will finally listen to users.

As a subscription users,I think I have a right stand to suggest sketchup team something:

1.Please tell us users the future of Sketchup,will it be totally web based modeling tool ? Will desktop version remains as flagship product?

2.Please share your detailed roadmap in trello like what Corona or Skatter for Sketchup did. Users will have clear understanding the improvements,what your team is working at right now.

3.Please do take open letter by ChippWalters seriously,I am really afraid one day I have to give up sketchup because it is a purely web-based application(I have a really poor internet connection)

Thank you very much


I went ahead and upgraded to SU 2019 after all, because my Placemaker Extension was about to expire and that needed to be upgraded too. I got both done, but I had to redownload The Engineering Toolbox, Solid Inspector and install them. However, Mirror by TIG doesn’t seem to be in the Extension Warehouse anymore, though there are a couple of other “mirror” plug-ins there which, frankly, are much harder to use.
I need mirroring by TIG. Is there any way to get it back?


@TIG can you help?


You can get mirror plugin by TIG from Sketchucation If I understand right.


Ah, got it! Thanks! I wonder why it is not in the warehouse anymore? SU is WAY too confusing when it comes to finding and installing third party plug-ins.


I download most plugins from Sketchucation. hardly use extension warehouse expect I need plugin from S4U or Eneroth.


What a different response here about SU2019 as compared to other SU forums. Not one of my colleagues, or users I know, is pleased with what Trimble has done in this SU release.

I’ve been a Sketchup user since version 4. I find this “update” to been the most disappointing ever to be released. Thin in everything but methods to charge at inflated rates. Further, the marketing is almost insulting. For you money, you get line types, revised Tape measure, and multiple ways to pay more for less. Still, based on the glowing, responses here, that copy writer must be pleased.

Though SU has been my main software for work since Version 4, I have been using Rhino for personal projects for a couple years. My transition to using Rhino for work begins today. In addition, I’m terminating my recommendations for, and instruction of, SU to 3D beginners. Rhino and/or Blender are just better options.


If an extension is not on ExtensionWarehouse that means the author chose not to list it there.


None of my ‘public’ extensions are hosted on EWH.
But they are all at SketchUcation…
[Much like many of Fredo’s]

It’s a long story…


the day of release, a pipe burst under a sink on my first floor and collapsed the ceiling below, and took out the boiler CPU…

I blame the subscription model…



I don’t know the details of Edificius’ implementation of Google’s Maps API or what the terms of their licensing deal may be with Google, but I think the topic has been amply discussed in the thread “Upcoming change to Add Location


I think you’ve seen support for this idea voiced in these forums before. The SketchUp team greatly values the contributions of our 3rd-party developer community. We support that community by providing a rich, performant and flexible system of APIs and SDKs that they can use to develop their ideas into capable features for everyone.

APIs are complex to manage, especially in a developer community as diverse and creative as ours. While we have made a basic API available today for LayOut, it is different from the Ruby API in SketchUp. That may be what you’re really asking us to build?

It would be helpful to know more about the sort of extensions you would like a developer to be able to build for you in LayOut- did you have something specific in mind?


It was an unintended consequence of our responsive layout. Can you describe your usage scenario a little more so our web team can reproduce what you’re seeing?


In conversations I have had with small firms, I have often found the opposite to be true. In fact, many small firms appreciate the simplicity and predictability of subscription licensing, especially as they scale up or down to accommodate changes in their business. Accounting standards and norms vary internationally, but there are small firms who see this as an advantage to them.

I think it likely comes down to personal preference, and to a question about where you see the value in the software you use. Metaphors and analogies aside, I think this is the central issue.


Outside of the SketchUp desktop client application, we released dozens of times in the last twelve months. SketchUp for Web, for example, releases every two to four weeks. Not all releases include new features, but there’s clear evidence of development velocity in places where you may not be looking.