Sketchup gone subscription?

This list is missing an option:

Make 17: Free, works offline, still works great, still downloadable, plugins / extensions can be used, not for commercial use.


No, it isn’t. SU2017 Make may still be available for download, but it is not a current offering and has been replaced by Free (online only).

Well, I’m not sure how you define “current offering” but Make17 is currently offered as one of the downloadable version options from Trimble: Download All | SketchUp

“Free” is a separate online product that many users have migrated to, the merits of that can be discussed elsewhere. Currently, both of these work, both are available, and both are real options that everyone interested in Sketchup should be aware of.

NO, JUST NO. I don’t want a subscription, I don’t like them, and I am already feeling cornholed by autodesk for forcing the subscription. I would love to upgrade to the current version, and maintain that, as i have no problem doing a maintenance to upgrade as needed depending on software updates. But I won’t go to a subscription. Guess I’ll just stay with 2018 and never see a dashed line.


SU 2019 offers a perpetual license - now called classic

Hi Tac!

You can still upgrade your perpetual license to 2019 using our license wizard:

What I hope you won’t miss, because it is really the big news in this release, is the integration of products and services outside of the traditional core SketchUp modeling experience. The SKetchUp modeler is really just one piece in a much larger system now. A system which we’ve been building up for years with our colleagues across the Trimble Buildings group. The integration with Trimble Connect, 3D Warehouse and our myriad of VR and AR Viewer applications. We’re built an entirely new ecosystem here, and I think you’ll be surprised with how much you can really do with it now.

Follow more of this conversation here: Ho Hum after more than 12 months...that's all a dash line?


Sounds better when @jbacus says it.

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Hey Dave,

It sounds like you are due for a license upgrade through our Maintenance & Support program (or maybe you missed out on one last year?). You are welcome to renew M&S if you choose to, of course. Whether you do renew, or just check out a 2019 trial, here are some things I hope you’ll think about…

How do you access, share, and use your models today?
Do you need version history for your files? Do you share or present 3D models? If so, we are definitely working to improve how fluidly the models you create can be accessed, shared, and experienced. You can check out how we are doing here by using the Trimble Connect extension in SketchUp Pro. Personally, I use a custom shortcut to publish/save models to Trimble Connect as I make progress. That helps me create an ongoing version history, which I find handy pretty often. Saving models to Connect makes them accessible in our smartphone and tablet Viewer apps, if you didn’t already know. (Our VR and AR apps too). The point is: we think the fluidity of access to your models is important now and will become more important in the future.

How do you think you’ll use 3D models in the future?
Certainly, SketchUp is for conceptual and schematic design, design development, and documentation. We are not done with these major reasons for SketchUp (by a longshot!). But we see another major reason for SketchUp: communicating with 3D models. It’s still a bit surprising how many architecture and construction professionals do not use 3D models to communicate with clients. SketchUp is especially good for creating models that can be shared and experienced with other people. And really, a 3D model is an excellent way to bring two parties to a better understanding of a project. Even if you decide not to use our Viewer applications, we hope you will give this a try just using SketchUp Pro. (We’re happy to give you tips about branching-off presentation models, by the way).

Another important idea here architects: how good are your programs and schematic models? Are they comfortable for occupants? Are they designed for the prevailing environmental conditions? Are they efficient? How well do they use light? These are questions we’ve observed many architects asking around the same time they are using SketchUp in their design process. We think we can do a better job of helping them use SketchUp to answer those questions. Today, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial subscription to use our Sefaira plugin and web app, but we are not done with this component of SketchUp either.

Are you done learning SketchUp?
We don’t think so. We think you can make better, more efficient, more impressive 3D models. We’re really committed to helping you. I hope you keep tabs on how SketchUp Campus evolves as well as on some of the innovative workflows coming out of this SketchUp community. More and more, we are starting to look at how solving problems and getting better at SketchUp is really part of SketchUp.

I know this response is a little overkill, but I read your posts and it seems you have a good, pragmatic view of the choice you have as a SketchUp customer. (And you’re right that Matt’s graph doesn’t compare the total lifetime cost of M&S versus a subscription). You have time to make your choice, so I just want to give you a few ideas to chew on.

Best from Boulder,



I have to agree, if you are going to use someone else’s words, link the post, don’t copy and paste. People that copy and paste other posts verbatim usually end up being deleted as spam.

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I’m trying to get my head around all the different options. Currently I have the Pro Maintenance annual licence. I want to continue this, is the closest the Classic Pro? I have downloaded the 2019 Pro and logged in and it’s asking for a Serial Number and Authorization Code. I put my current maintenance licence (valid from sept 2018) in but it doesn’t work. What’s going on? so much confusion… I appreciate you guys have tried to give more options for us and hopefully good options for your future plans, but… I don’t wanna sound too harsh here - it’s a bit of a mess.

Yes but how long until we no longer have that? A lot of other products no longer have a completely free version but have a ‘limited features’ version which needs a subscription to enable them. Once on the ‘subscription bandwagon’ it’s inevitable…

There is still one question I don’t see answered in a manner that satisfies me: Can we keep the Maintenance Plan for a similar price to 2018, or are we all having to go to the subscription plans?

Basically if one is a long time user of Sketchup, the Maintenance Plan is a better deal, If on is starting, then the subscription price is a deal. Can someone please clarify!

Is there a way to upgrade a classic with active maintenance to the new subscription without losing all the money already spend? @jbacus when you tell to look at all the products and not only to the new SkechUp features you are right, but why can’t I use them with my classic license with active maintenance subscription? If I don’t get these feature without buying something extra then they don’t exists for me as user!

Did you get an email with instructions on this yet? If not, you should contact our support team for help with your 2019 license.

I really have to have a look at how we’re messaging this on the website, because it seems to have consistently confused folks. If you have purchased a SketchUp Pro license in the past, you can keep buying Maintenance and Support for it just like you did in the past.

Unless I’ve misunderstood, I think what you’re looking for is a transition plan from a classic SketchUp Pro Maintenance and Support plan to a (new) SketchUp Pro subscription. You’ve likely seen others from the SketchUp team say that we’re working on this. We certainly want to make a smooth transition for folks who are ready to step into the subscription plan.

We should have something to announce on this soon. Until then, you are certainly free to sign up for the free 30-day trial so you can give everything new a try.

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Instruction email received. New serial number and auth. code worked after approx 5 or 6 tries of the licencing server not responding for whatever reason. Thanks for the clarifications. Hope it all gets easier for us all :wink:

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Just to assure I have got this right:

  1. The old desktop SketchUp Pro has now changed its name to “SketchUp Classic” (The “SketchUp Pro” name is now used for a different online product).
  2. If I continue my Maintenance and Support plan (from now on named “SketchUp Classic”) I am also given (without extra costs) the use of Trimble Connect with 10 GB cloud storage. I can access Trimble Connect directly as well as from the SketchUp menus and use it for professional cooperation. (Also included are Layout, free Mobile Viewer and Sefaira)


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So, is SU Pro Subscription now the ONLY way to get those applications, or is there still some à la carte way for SU Classic users to get them?

I have to say after thinking about it, I can’t really imagine when SU Shop would help me. Sure, I work mostly in my office, and then go on the road to clients and job sites, but I do that either with my laptop which runs the desktop version already, or my iPad which won’t work with Shop. If Shop could run on an iPad, then I could really see it’s value. I suppose I could look at Chromebooks as a replacement for the iPad, but I don’t really want to. I do have the iPad viewer app and use that quite a bit for show and tell.

…not to mention Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and Panorama, though the latter has a little more creative take on it that helps infrequent users and occasional need for multiple seats. (I can’t seem to get a direct link to pricing structure. You have to scroll down an find the video)

I don’t think SketchUp will follow Microsoft in promoting their cloud offerings as superior over their desktop version. Some news sites suggest Microsoft executives “dislike” Office 2019 (desktop).

By contrast, SketchUp still demands more on hardware and precise input devices, which I cannot imagine doing with a tablet on my knees in the train (though it would make sense to improve SketchUp Shop for better mobile viewing and annotating, and on tablets).