SketchUp Fundamentals- Follow-Me Course

I’m following along in the video on “Follow-Me” in the SketchUp Fundamentals course and for some reason, I’m not able to use the “Follow-Me” tool with the picture frame. It won’t let me select the line + arc I created after I hit “Follow-Me”. The line + arc I drew faded away for some reason. Please help!

Yes, the selection goes away, now click on the profile.
Follow basic

Now that I see your screenshot it appears that edge you have drawn is not within the same context of the face you want it to cut.

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My first point would be on the edge of the frame just like the video shows.

And the next point would be the midpoint in the frame. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong if I’m within the frame.

Yes, but you can see the frame group isn’t open for editing, so you would be drawing your edge outside the group and not on the face.
Double click the frame and single click the face to make sure it is selectable before drawing your edge.

Thank you so much! It worked.

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