SketchUp For Schools Fonts

Have just found the Sketchup App on my schools Apps Page. As long as we can develop files for Laser Cutting and possible 3D Printing, this will amazing, especially for my students.

Looking for FONTS suitable for Laser Cutting. The App looks to have only a few Font Styles. Will these improve over time?..and or how can we add or develop our own?

Great going online,

Currently there is no provision for adding fonts for 3D text in SketchUp for Web. Although it might be possible in the future, we won’t know until it happens.

Hi DaveR,
Thank you for your prompt reply.
Yes I thought this may be the case. It is a shame as my Design and Technology students could use this wonderful App…OK for 3D Printing but not so for Laser Cutting Fonts. Would there be any work rounds that we may try?

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You might use another application to set up the font and export a vector file which could then be imported into SketchUp. Or you could import an image file and trace it with SketchUp’s drawing tools.

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Or the students could use Capitals and bridge the holes in the letter that have holes: B O A D R and that’s it I think this may work as long as we can edit Font shapes?

3D text inserts into SketchUp as geometry in a component and like any other geometry it could be edited to add the bridges if you want.


Dave already mentioned how you can edit any of the existing fonts to suit your needs for laser cutting. What other font types are ideal for laser cutting?

You also said that your students are interested in 3D printing, so I wanted to bring to your attention some of the features built specifically for 3D printing in SketchUp for Schools: Solid Inspector, Solid Tools, and stl import/export. You can read more about the features in this blog post. We also have a 3D printing guide complete with three lesson plans.


Thanks Joy,
Yes Looks like the Shetchup App is pretty good for 3D printing which I will trial when back at school in 2 weeks :))

  1. Is there an age limit for students

  2. Can I set up Classes

  3. Creating Groups? Other tips?

Thanks again

No, there is no age limit in SketchUp for Schools. Classes, groups, etc. are features of Google Classroom, not SketchUp, so check out Google’s help center for more info there.

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Do you have any favorite fonts for Laser cutting (that you could link here and that are maybe free-licensed)?

On Google Fonts I found several “stencil” fonts that are freely licensed. And if one of them is similar to popular laser cutting fonts, I think there could be a chance SketchUp could add it if it benefits a huge user group.


Hi Aerilius,
WOW …Adding Laser able Fonts to Sketchup would assist big time. I am new to Designing with Lasers in mind.
To do the Lettering in Sketchup and saving in a format that a Laser can read would be wonderful. How would I get my international colleagues to vote for this?
Thanks again

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Hi Aerilius,
So is there a request Ticket system for suggestions to Sketchup For Schools, ie Adding the free Laser Fonts (Stencil ) to the inbuilt Fonts?

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I understand the limits put on a free account (Sketchup for Schools), but there is exactly one font in the 3D text menu. Shouldn’t there at least be a minimal selection of fonts?

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