Sketchup for Schools Caught in Authentication Loop

Hi, I was wondering if you could add to your whitelist. Thank you

@joy Can you please add Thank you!

Thanks for whitelisting our domain. :upside_down_face:

Hello all,

I have added the following user’s domain to our registry.

@jbirchfield @dustan @myers.peter @Mhberrios7 @william.corbin @dcover @shawn.gordon @bella3 @Zachd

Please be aware that your G Suite admin will need to approve the permissions for the app in order to deploy SketchUp for Schools to your domain. If this has not yet been done, please direct your admin to the SketchUp for Schools app page on the G Suite marketplace:

Same problem with my school:

Thanks! same issue

Hi Team,

We are having the same issue on our domain, can you please check “” is whitelisted or not.

Hi there,
Please add to the allow list.
Thank you!

Hi there,

I’m needing and added to allow list also.

Thank you,

Hello! Can you please add to the allow list? Thank you.

Can you please add our domain in Whitelist

Please add