Sketchup for ipad layout + vray

Hi, I have a question. Are you guys thinking about enabling the layout function on iPad and v-ray?

Does Chaos Group offer a Vray for iPad?

No, that’s why I’m asking if there will be such an option

Well, the SketchUp folks couldn’t add Vray for iPad if the makers of Vray don’t offer it.

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Nobody here knows, and the ones that might know are not allowed to say.
I guess @DaveR is trying to tell you that you should ask Chaos group about V-ray for ipad instead of here…


Hmmmm meaning where? :slight_smile:

(easy Google seach…)

Hmmm ok I understand I’ll Asi V-Ray but what about Layout?

OK, THX y :slight_smile:

As @tweenulzeven said, anyone who would really know aren’t permitted to tell until it happens if it ever does. You might as well ask the pope what I’m going to have for lunch on July 20, 2024.


thank you for your insightful answer :slight_smile:

To clarify: Trimble made a deal with Chaos Group to include a V-Ray license along with a SketchUp Studio license. V-Ray provides an extension to integrate with SketchUp. But they are completely independent companies with no other connection.