Sketchup for Apple Silicon Macs

This would be logical and would provide big performance enhancements as well.

Just curious, this is outside my knowledge area, but would Apple potentially moving to Metal Graphics do anything to help the REALLY sluggish graphic performance of LayOut?
In my opinion, it certainly needs a “turbo boost”!

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Any updates on progress or do you need to keep this under wraps for now?

Outside my wheelhouse too, but I don’t think so. I have the impression that LayOut’s performance issues are due to how it was designed, not to the graphics library. I could be wrong, of course…


I would say you are spot on.

Any updates?

Please understand: SketchUp Sages are not Trimble employees, we are just avid volunteers on this forum. I don’t have any inside channel to Trimble’s plans, and even if I did I’m sure it would be under non-disclosure.

Sorry that was meant to be directed at Colin.

Sorry that I didn’t se this back then. Generally I see all forum posts, but I sometimes don’t see follow up posts, unless I happened to be tagged.

I had to send my development Apple Silicon Mac mini back to Apple. Before then though colleagues had bought the shipping M1 machines, and found that SketchUp runs better in Rosetta 2 than it did natively on Intel Macs.

There is a plan about what to do with regard to M1 support, but I’m not able to tell you about that.


Ha I have my answer about native support by the beta program “Sketchup for iPad” being announced. I do not have an M1 iPad but since it runs on the same SOC architecture as new Macs that answers the native app question :slight_smile: I wonder how Sketchup will run on an M1 Max or whatever will be in the bigger iMacs when they are announced. Runs great on my M1 Macbook with just an M1 in Rosetta 2.

The iPad version is working well on my M1 iPad. Won’t know about M1 Max until my MacBook Pro arrives in mid-November.

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@colin, how is it going on your M1 Max? I’ve just received my M1 Pro and would love to try a native version, even beta.

I’m in Arizona this week, and my delivery date was due to be November 10th, then 10th-17th, and I’m heading back to Boulder on the 19th. I had given Arizona as the shipping address.

Then today I heard from Apple to say that it had shipped, but that the delivery date is the 24th. I called them and they are going to try to change he shipping address. Should be ok I think, because it hadn’t yet left China. If it ends up in Arizona I will need to get someone here to ship it to me.

So, best case is that I will see it in Boulder in 9 days.

You’ll love the machine when it finally arrives. It’s a bit bulky compared to previous models and I had never quite gotten used to the TouchBar… but now that it’s gone, I realise that I’m missing it!

V-Ray runs a bit faster than on an Apple Intel Iris GPU, and I’d love to see how faster it would run on a version optimised for Apple GPU. An order of magnitude or two?

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a bit faster ? Normally, we see double the gain on the speed of execution between Apple Silicon and Intel. Have you been able to compare the calculation time of the same image?

Vray doesn’t utilize the Intel integrated graphics for rendering and it doesn’t use the Apple silicon gpu either. That’s why the differences aren’t that different.

I’ve been having headaches with performance in model construction mode (several seconds lag between Touchpad action and Sketchup reaction in Intel 4 core MacBook Pro; a tad better on M1 Pro) and had to use all tricks in the book (component, non texture mode, rendering options, …).

Regarding rendering, I think I’ve been able to do things which would have been impossible on the Intel Mac: V-Ray batch rendering of twenty 4K images. It took the night (9 hours), all 10 CPU cores were used at 100%, but machine didn’t blink and the fan could hardly be heard.

In the end Apple failed to change the shipping address, but, they also delivered it on the 18th instead of the 24th! So I did get it before leaving Arizona.

It is a bit more chunky than the old design. It’s about 8 ounces heavier, but is still below 5 pounds. It is amazing how I can sit and watch movies all night on it, and it doesn’t even get warm. Also it hardly uses any battery to do that. I’m thinking that on days I go to the office I won’t need to take the power supply with me.


you know how to optimize Vray ?

Maybe. Could you be a little more specific in your question?