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Sketch up 2017 de .X model çıkışı nasıl alınır?

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How to get a directX output?

directX is a graphics programming interface, not a file format or something that can be exported from any application. If what you are really asking is whether SketchUp can be told to use directX for its graphics, the answer is no, it uses the OpenGL graphics programming interface.

Sorumu Düzelterek : Bir başka program olan Bluff Titller’ e Sketch up 'tan 3D model atmak istiyorum ama “.x” uzantısı yani diectX uzantısıyla karşılaşıyorum.
Sketch up tan böyle bir çıkış nasıl alabilirim

if you wanna import the DirectX “.X” file format to SU you can use the (commercial) ‘Fluid Importer’ plugin (5 days trial avail.) by installing via “Window > Extension Warehouse…”:


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sketch up tan “.x” olarak export almak istiyorum

There was a .x exporter some years ago available here. It does not seem to have been updated in a long time, and there are some reports that it crashes on recent SketchUp versions. I don’t know of any other.

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for exporting the .X format you may want use free Blender by exporting from SU a vector format as e.g. OBJ/3DS/DAE, import to Blender and export to .X.

blender’ da ".x "export seçeneklerinde yok

should be available by enabling via the user configuration: “Addons > Exporters > DirectX Exporter”