Sketchup Deletes Walls When Saving

I am using Dibac so I’m not sure if its Dibac or Sketchup that is the problem but whenever I hit save the last walls I drew just disappear.

Please help if you can.


Do you hit Cmd S? or Cmd Z, by chance? :smiley:
What is the exact order of your workflow?
For Dibac to work you must group the walls. Once this group is created, any additional walls need to be drawn in that group.
So you enter the group, first? (Double click or rightclick and choose ‘edit group’)
Perhaps you are not in the right context.

Thank you for your quick response. I don’t recall hitting command-s or command-v. What do those commands do in Dibac? However I did not group the walls. I’ll try that first and let you know if this solved the problem.

Thank you again.

Check out the manual, as well:

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