SketchUp Crash during a lot of operations

I know that is going to be hard to help me, but let’s try :wink:

I am working on a plugin and I have a command to redraw all elements.
In short I toggle between 2 visualization modes → full geometry and simple box representation.

In Sketchup 2023 when I do operation like this few times in a row (7-10) with bigger model I have crash, here are the log files (.dmp .log .xml) from Windows 11
2023_01_05 error (45.1 KB)

In Sketchup 2017 there are no crash even when I tried to do this operation 50 times in row.

Do you have general advice what it could be?
I close that operation in

    model = Sketchup.active_model
    model.start_operation(name, true)



and after success undo operation works without issue, but sometimes I just have a crash

In this operation I am doing a lot of math operations to calculate all faces and next I draw them on the scene.

Do you get a BugSplat! dialog? If so, did you send it in and did you get the crash number?

I also suggest checking the issues list for problems with undo:

Yup, I just did that,
(I did that before, but didn’t get number)
If you interested in number, that is:
Crash #552085

I also suggest checking the issues list for problems with undo:


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