sketchUp Crash #932913

i have problem with sketchup and keep showing this error Crash #932913
.any advice please

Please be a lot more informative with your topic titles and questions.

What @DanRathbun is saying is that almost all of the members of this forum are not SketchUp employees and have no access to the BugSplat records. So, the report number means nothing to us. @colin (who is a SketchUp employee) should be able to look it up.

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Very little information is coming in with the bugsplat reports. I see that you are using Diffusion, and also Scan Essentials. We did fix an issue with Scan Essentials that could cause a crash, but that fix is already in the 23.1.3 that you are using.

You don’t have to uninstall 2023 to try this, but you could give 2024 a try, and see if it crashes less.