Sketchup and Layout for Documentation

I’ve been using Sketchup and Layout to do documentation for the company at which I work. I just finished the installation manual for one of the products we manufacture and just wanted to share. This isn’t a product general public buys so don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell our product here lol.

Installation manual

A good chunk of the documentation in our downloads page was made using sketchup/layout if not just layout. I was excited to finish and just wanted to share and get your opinions.

Thanks !!


Very good. That looks great.

Great work! … and this is yet another example of why people use SketchUp. Thank you for sharing.

Sebastian this turned out awesome! Nice work man! If people end up contacting you guys to figure out how to install this stuff its because they didn’t read your doc, that thing is thorough! Also, I didn’t realize there were alternatives to Zip walls, I’ll have to you remember you the next time I have an actual project with walls. (c: Well done.

Want to echo Jody’s comments here: great work on a very thorough and well-elaborated manual — and good to learn of a ZipWall competitor. I wasn’t aware of ArmorWall before.

Is your market solely commercial building or do you target residential as well?

Excellent work. We are a residential builder but due to this Pandemic we are pivoting to a new business model and steel framing is one of the moves we are making. An alternative to the Zip system is ideal for what we need to do. Please message me or I can message you. Thank you for posting this!

Very impressive documents… congratulations… but what exactly is “Amourwall” ?.. compressed fibre cement board?

Hey guys,

Thank you all so much for your opinions. The kind words are wonderful but what makes me most happy is that fact that most of you understood the product without too much additional input from me which makes me feel like I was successful in a way with this document.

For those of you wanting more information I will message you individually so as to keep this forum free of peddling wares lol as it truly isn’t my intention.

Thank you all so much for the feedback !!!

There are multiple versions of the panel and my next few weeks/months is going to be preparing similar documentation for the other variations so certainly stay tuned. All of our Data Sheets were made in Layout, so please feel free to check those out too.

For the sake of anyone interested, most variations are manufactured with a Magnesium Oxide sheathing but there is one we make that has a PermaBase sheathing for stucco and adhered stone cladding applications. I will PM you a direct link to the site so you can check that out if you wish.