SketchUp 3D Basecamp and COVID-19

Interesting: I received an official Basecamp Email today which states that everyone needs to PCR test to enter Canada. As someone who lives in BC and travels often, I do not think this is correct. There are random tests that if selected are done outside of the airport at a local testing facility (this is for flying only and not driving in). But AFAIK there are no pre-tests of any kind currently required.


I saw that, and hope that what I previously saw about the random testing is true. But, Aubree is trying to keep on top of things, I fear that she may have more recent news. She is responsive, and I hope she will have an update in the morning.

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Hi all - You are correct. PCR tests are not mandatory anymore (although never a bad idea!) That line should have been deleted but snuck through the cracks. Now let’s pretend it’s mysteriously vanished from the marketing copy. Haha


Great! Consider it vanished. I’m getting fired up for basecamp, just want to make sure everyone feels as welcome as possible. See you there.


It looks like the mandatory vaccination requirements to enter Canada are being dropped on Oct. 1. A couple days too late for Basecamp. Looking forward to 2024 I guess.

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