SketchUp 3D Basecamp and COVID-19

Not to be an alarmist or overly paranoid but with the way this virus is spreading currently in the United States and worldwide I am seriously concerned about attending a large event such as Basecamp later this year. I’m really hoping this thing burns itself out prior to Basecamp, otherwise I may have to pass this year due to health concerns I have for some of my immediate family members.

I’m sure the discussions are already being had internally but I haven’t seen anything specific coming down from Trimble or SketchUp in this regard (ie. possibly delaying or postponing basecamp by a few months). If anything comes out I would really like to be notified as soon as possible.


I hope the spread has decreased by then but who knows.

Does anyone know how sick days work in Canada? I’ve heard a lot of people in the states only have a few payed sick days a year, and that people in service jobs often have to go to work when ill just to be bale to pay the bills.

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When I was working I had 7 “sick” days paid. Yes you are right about the service workers, no benefits.

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Or: has spread all over, so it doesn’t matter, anymore.

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Some of us are old enough to remember an episode from Walt Disney’s Sunday TV show. This one used a room full of loaded mousetraps to illustrate a chain reaction (it was the fifties and the Cold War, after all). A ball tossed into the room set off all the other traps in short order, and before you knew it, the chain reaction was over.
I’m hopeful that, with quarantining, testing, and some dumb luck the coronavirus will play out almost as quickly as that Disney episode, and we can all get back to our normal lives.


Resources to help make an informed decision.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Outbreak Update — Health Canada


Vancouver, Canada:

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve stopped going to my local gym this last week as a precautionary measure (too many people in close proximity), I’m really bummed about that. I’ve ordered some dumbells from Amazon and I will have to go on my walks in the great outdoors for now.

New pandemics usually last for 1-2+ years and affect a large enough ratio of the population until enough people have become immune (except if vaccines and treatments will have been developed faster this time).
That means the panic that we see on the internet is irrational because 1) it’s not a scifi desease killing humanity in a single month and 2) we cannot do much against it except slowing down its spreading over a longer period of time.

Basecamp will be at the end of the warm and dry season when people spend less time close together in buildings and immune systems are stronger. It’s too early to think about how it continues over the year, but hopefully Basecamp will be at the lowest point before the next wave.


We don’t get any sick days. If you’re sick and cannot work at home, you use paid or unpaid time off hours.

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There’s a good chance (50 to 100%) that eventually you’ll be affected by this corona-virus, unless you live on a remote island with no one around. It’s a new virus of the corona family that we all (our body) need to find the key to to get over it.
Best thing is to delay the spreading of the disease over a longer period (more heathy people around to get the community going, maybe a new vaccin, but unlikely to be in time) and to be prepared by being as healthy as possible when it strikes you.
For me personally this would be about the worst time to be affected by this virus.

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Hi all,

I’ve been in constant communication with the Vancouver Convention Center and Tourism Vancouver and they all have been encouraging us to proceed as normal. Here’s the letter I got from Tourism Vancouver a few weeks ago…

Tourism Vancouver COVID19 Advisory

Last updated: February 28, 2020

COVID-19 is being effectively monitored, controlled and treated in British Columbia and Canada. The Public Health Agency of Canada is actively monitoring the situation and working with the World Health Organization and other international partners. As such, the risk of transmission in Metro Vancouver – and by extension the country – is low. Vancouver remains a safe and welcoming destination for all travelers.

Tourism Vancouver is working closely with key industry partners including the hotel community, Destination British Columbia and Destination Canada as the situation evolves. We will align with them on the deployment of any marketing activities in market, and decisions will be made collectively as needed. At this time, Immigration Canada has temporarily closed all visa application centres in mainland China until further notice.

Tourism Vancouver and our industry partners will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in other countries closely and assess potential impacts in our region. We are committed to providing any support we can to our overseas partners and clients – such as information sharing and employing best practices when and if events are rescheduled or cancelled. We are committed to keeping industry updated as new information becomes available.

More information

Health Link BC’s website:

Coronavirus in the Vancouver area can be found at Vancouver Coastal Health:

Government of Canada’s latest information:

Measures underway at YVR (Vancouver International Airport):

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Statement on COVID-19:

Joint UNWTO & WHO statement on tourism and COVID-19:

Destination BC website:


Hello everyone!

We appreciate this concern being voiced, and over at SketchUp & Trimble, we are following the news closely. At this time, there have been no changes to the 3D Basecamp 2020 schedule. If necessary, it will act in the interest of health and safety, and communicate as necessary. We hope, as does the rest of the world, that this outbreak gets under control quickly with the least amount of tragedy.

We have always been proud to offer a very generous refund policy:

Before July 25, 2020: 100% refund
July 25 to August 24, 2020: 50% refund
After August 24, 2020: no refunds are available

Of course, our priority is the health and safety of our attendees and staff, and we will make the call to be safe if we must. As for now, we are moving forward assuming that the virus will no longer be a concern, and it will be safe to travel come September.

Take care of yourselves, and we hope to see everyone healthy in Vancouver!

Michelle & The SketchUp Team


not sure you can get it in the rest of the world, but Contagion: The BBC Four Pandemic documentary was an interesting program using model phones to ‘spread’ and analyse contact…

it demonstrates how small measures can have a big positive outcome…


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I’m not worried about myself as much as my youngest daughter who has had serious health issues the last couple of years and now has an impaired immune system. For most families with young teenagers this latest scare will probably amount to nothing more than a common cold however given our unique circumstances this is much more serious. As previously mentioned I am really hoping that either a vaccine is created quickly (within the next few months) and that the warmer weather causes a significant slow down in transmission. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone really knows how all of this will play out, and to be honest I have not been very impressed by the government’s response to the situation thus far.

I sincerely appreciate the response from Trimble and SketchUp above. I’m not saying that Basecamp should be rescheduled however if things continue to get worse my first and principal concern is the safety of my family.


As it should be! your priorities are in the right place, Nathaniel!


My sense is that by September, it will either be under control or will be everywhere. If it’s omnipresent, you won’t be at much greater risk going to Basecamp than staying home unless you sit in your house and don’t let anyone else enter. Good sanitary practices will be needed in either situation.

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I hope you can go but agree on your priorities. Even if the decease is “everywhere” by the time, my guess is that sitting close to other people on airplane, being slightly to moderately sleep deprived and meeting 2000 people or something put you at a greater risk than the normal routines.

Breaking news: Israel just announced that it is imposing a 14-day self-quarantine on anyone entering the country and will deny entry to people who can’t achieve this. If other countries or regions (notably Canada) follow suit, things like Basecamp will become impossible. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!