Sketchup 2017 license

I am a disabled senior on pension trying to design an off-grid not for profit housing concept for government. I cannot possible afford a license for the program and I need to design specific components. If an organization is willing to work with me for even a couple of months that would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

You could just use SketchUp Make. You can draw anything in Make that you could in Pro.

Doesn’t the ToS say government work is Pro only ?

Good point.

Maybe the right thing to do is get in touch with SketchUp Sales and see what they say about the kind of work and who its for.

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Thanks. I need to make components so the Make version doesn’t work.

Did that. They offered no help.

Do you mean dynamic components? Make can create ordinary components and can use pre-created dynamic components, but only Pro has the UI to create new dynamic components. If you did mean dynamic, perhaps you could provide some clarification on why you believe they are necessary for what you need to do? Aside from justifying your use case to Trimble, that might inspire someone here to help.

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Thanks. Yes, I need to update the latest IKEA cabinetry so I need the Pro version.

doesn’t the ‘click cuisine’ plugin have the ones you need?

if not ask the author if they can be added…


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No. I downloaded that but the cabinets are hopelessly out of date. The author didn’t respond to questions.