Sketch Up 2024 on Mac Studio?

I am considering changing my 10 year old iMac for a Mac Studio M2 mx with the following specs:
12 core CPU
38 core gpu
16 core neural engine
32 Gb
Can anyone ensure me that this is the ideal configuration for running SU 2024/Layout?
Thanks :slight_smile:

@DaveR ? Can you help me?
Thx :slight_smile:

However Dave is most helpful man I have ever seen, he is using Windows… :wink:

I’m also on Windows, so I cant judge if it is ideal or not, but reading the different topics here about your “chosen Mac Studio M2” performs generally very good. It is also depends what task would you like to do in SketchUp…

You can read the the related opinions simple utilising a forum search like:


yep, more than enough.

I’m on a mac mini M1 with 8 cores and 16gb RAM and it’s performing fine.

this configuration is bigger.
Max is good, Ultra is probably better, but not much for SU and Layout. not enough to justify the price hike I’d say.

so yeah, looks good.

if I had 1 advice, since you seem to keep your machines for a long time :wink:
64GB RAM is more useful, on the long term, than 1Tb storage.

my imac was 1.1 Tb, I switched to a 500gb mac mini, I feared I would be short on space, but between the things you can store on external drives and the things you can store on clouds, it’s fine, I still haven’t gone above 400GB storage.

so, if you have the budget, both is good, if you don’t, maybe RAM.

Thanks @dezmo
I will read the threads :+1:t2:

Great @ateliernab !
Good to know before a major investment :sweat_smile:

I recently got a M1 Max 10/32 64GB/1TB Macbook Pro and love it. It’s doing well with SU and other apps. Given the trouble some people were reporting with the M3 and SU, and held off going that route for now.