Simplifing A 3D Warehouse Item

I occasionally come across a very nice item in the 3D Warehouse, but discover that it is insanely overly complicated !
Is there a plugin that can intelligently pick out redundant &/or superfluous points and delete them, pulling the edges together to make a chunkier, but serviceable new model ???
Thanx !

It depends on the model.

Alas, there is no QC on the 3D Warehouse. In fact, there are lot of models that someone clearly invested a huge amount of effort to build, but they are so overly complex that they are not good for much beyond bragging rights!

As @Cotty impies, the definitions of “redundant” and “superfluous” depend on the specific model and what you expect from it. There are some basic fixups such as merging co-planar faces and co-linear edges, but my observation is that is not usually what is wrong with the overly complex models. More often, they are drawn with way too many segments in arcs, features too small to see unless you zoom way in, numerous large textures, etc.

Have not seen one that thinks for you ,but there are ones that have a number of filters where in you can do things like edge collapse decimation; various types clean up; anbient occlusion etc. Once you have a bad model it takes a lots of work to clean it up. Search for Mesh Lab it is free and have YouTube tuts. It is best if you stay with tools with in SU.