Simple DXF extension exploding one arc

@gkernan I’m using SimpleDXF to export true arc toolpaths, finally getting down to terms with how the extension works, thank you! This extension does appear to totally solve the flipped arc problems that the native dxf exporter has, however… On inspection of a reimported dxf most of the arcs survive the process but not all. One arc re-imports as tiny segments with the arc exploded. Any ideas what I may have done wrong here?


Slewing test v20.skp (209.0 KB)
Properly Nested Simple DXf.dxf (1.7 KB)

The file named Properly Nested Simple DXF shows all arcs as arcs when imported into Sketchup using Simple DXF

Great, thanks for you response. Curious that I’m seeing an exploded arc on reimport on my setup but I feel like I’ve got a pathway now using simpleDXF to solve the flipping problem. Thank you.