Silicon Graphics Cube Logo

I was watching an old Inkscape tutorial from Logos by Nick, in which he walked us through how to create this stylized, ouroboros-like cube that bears a striking resemblance to the old Silicon Graphics logo.

Here’s my attempt:

Haven’t quite nailed down the colors yet. I want to try to replicate this in SketchUp. They won’t be an exact match (unless I try to use photo match, maybe), but the basic overall shape will be the same, and I’ll try to match the colors as best I can. I have an idea of how to make this, but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something, something fundamental, and creating more work for myself than necessary.

How would you approach this?

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I guess I would probably have approached it the way I did the one in the following post. I’d have done a Follow Me path.

Probably easier to sort out centerlines first.

I’m sure someone else will have a different approach, though.


By Jove, I think he’s got it!

I started with a square of 360 x 360 (just to make the math a little easier), cut out a square of 120 x 120, then added a pair of legs 360 in length. The rest was simply a matter of duplicating and rotating. At first I welded the edges before using Follow Me, but the results looked a bit odd.

Still curious how everyone else is going to approach it.


yeah, I made a simple “short is 1, long is 2” sketch

simply start somewhere, go either 1 or 2, then 90°, then 1 or 2, then… until you close.

it’s all 90°, and either long or short.

all that remains is to do a quick follow me as Dave said.

so you could tweak the ratio, is it 1-2 for a 3 sided cube ? maybe the short lines are a bit longer, 1.2 ? and so on.


The ratio was definitely the part I was having trouble getting my head around while making the path. There’s a kind of optical illusion quality to the shape, so while I knew something had to be shorter than what was facing the viewer, I overdid it and wound up just making a cube with a bite taken out of it.

yeah, after a few measurements in illustrator, the ratio is about that.
to make a 10x10 cube, about 2,564 - 4,872 - 2,564
I was on a 2,5 - 5 - 2,5 , not that far from it.
for the follow me, the square wasn’t centred on the trajectory, but cornered inside. it’s about 0,8

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You asked for it.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file.

3D Logo.skp (239.6 KB)

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