Shoulder Screws

Just screwing around this morning waiting for my coffee to kick in. 6mm x1.0 shoulder screws with 8mm dia. shoulder and 6mm shoulder height.


Perfect as always! How many sides did you use for the knurling?
A side request, you had a great screw tutorial and I seem to have lost it’s location, could you refresh my memory please.

Thank you. This screw is admittedly overkill. I used 96 sides for the helix and Follow Me path for the shank, shoulder and head so I used 96 for the knurling as well.

I’m not sure where the tutorial went but in a nutshell, I drew the thread profile based on tables easily found online. A helix drawn with the Helix tool in Curvemaker, and Eneroth Upright Extruder to create the threads. A bit of cleanup is required afterward to make a solid.

FWIW, this screw is a solid component. Conceivably it is 3D printable however, depending on the nozzle of the printer, it may not make a great print.

Thank you DaveR, appreciate it.

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PM me the model and I’ll check its printability over the weekend.


Maybe this one?


Could you print it in 18-8 stainless steel? :smiley: That’s what the original I based it on is made from.


Thanks @Cotty. Other than the tool for drawing the helix, that should cover it.

Will do as soon as I receive your deposit, gold bars are (the only thing) acceptable in these times of economic uncertainty.

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I’ll mail them to you if you pay postage and insurance. :smiley:

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On second thought I’ll pick them up in Vancouver.


I’ll see what I can do.

FWIW, the shank, shoulder and head were modeled based on the information provided by McMaster-Carr.


Do you get fries with that?

I’m not sure but McMaster-Carr might sell fries. They have nearly everything else.

We had their catalog in print at work. I always enjoyed thumbing through it.


That was the one Cotty, but unfortunately I’ve been unable to find the video link that goes with it.

Sorry. Here’s the link to the video. Unfortunately I can’t edit that old blog post to reinstate the video link. No idea why it went missing in the first place, either.

The key difference in the process is the tool used for drawing the helix. The one I used then isn’t available for public consumption anymore.

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Dave you’re a prince! Thank you again! I’m using helix along curve which I assume will do the trick.

Thank you.

Might. I haven’t tried it for this.

We use the on line catalog all the time and there are lots of cad drawings available with models for those that cannot whip a great model like Dave.