Should We Build a PDF Import/Edit Extension?

We are specifically focused on converting PDF into a format for Sketchup. Ultimately, we want to make it a plug-in so you can simply “Open PDF” within Sketchup. For now, the free service at will convert PDF into DWG or DXF for import into Sketchup. If you already have DWG or DXF from autocad, turbocad, etc, you are all set. It’s for people who get CAD drawings and diagrams in PDF and want to use that content in Sketchup.

It would actually be File > Import… from the menus, and then in the file browser dialog, the user will choose your importer from the filetype droplist. This will filter the file listings and the user can choose the PDF to import.

Imports should put all geometry into a component definition and place an instance in the model (either at the origin, or may let the user use the built-in place component feature.

How long should the conversion take? I submitted a pdf yesterday to convert to dwg. Will I get an email when it’s ready?

It should have been immediate. I’ll check it and send the link again. Sorry about that! Did you check you spam?

Hi, Jean.

Just curious if there was any update on this project, or have you abandoned it?