Shop Outliner lacks right click context menu

I am accustomed to SketchUp for Web, but I want Outliner. I worked with Make 2017 for a while and like the Outliner, but the general interface is different from the Web version and causes me difficulty. So I decided to pay for Shop for Web just to get Outliner while keeping the Web interface.

But I am appalled to see that apparently Shop Outliner lacks the functionality of right cliking on an item in Outliner to pop up a context menu of options. The most important of these unavailable options is Rename, but also Hide, Erase, Flip and more are unavailable. I know these can be accessed by other means, but removing them from Shop Outliner makes it’s Outliner much less useful than in Make 2017.

Am I missing something, is there a way to obtain this functionality in Shop?


I Just realized that in Make you can alphabetize the Outliner list, but in Shop you apparently can’t. Again, am I missing something?

You cannot, and it is not the only thing missing (added Tag: featurerequest)
pinging @Mark

How did you go around that? There is a search filter, I never noticed any order but the creation order. Have I missed something?

In Make 2017 Outliner, you can open the option to Sort By Name by either right clicking on the model name, or left clicking on the black arrow icon to the right of the filter box.

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Ah! Sort by name, I should have known, been to long at home, I guess.

Yup, we have our eye on this limitation. We think Outliner is going to become even more important and useful before too long, so I am sure this will be addressed before too long… (but not before we let you set auto-save!)


I bought SketchUp Shop entirely to get Outliner with the Free interface. Make Outliner has an option to sort by name, as well as the right click context menu, and Shop Outliner lacks both. It seems odd to get reduced functionality when going from a free version to a paid version. It would be nice to have these included in Shop, I would pay more for them. On the other hand, the Shop Outliner has the eyeball icons for easy hide/unhide which is a great improvement, please don’t remove it.


That’s shared with the current SU Pro. I think that difference is more 2017 vs. today rather than Shop vs. Desktop.

Don’t worry, usually, new features are implemented in the web based version prior to the desktop. The web based version is updated on a monthly base, the desktop has a few maintenance releases… they will catch up.