Sheet Metal Plugin Needed!

SO! I know this has been discussed in the past but I have yet to hear a solution and or a definitive answer.
We need a sheet metal plugin for sketchup. I am using freecad for this and have used Fusion 360.
Being a avid sketchup user and not wanting to use anymore software, as I have enough programs(don’t need more). I would love to have this plugin or feature built into sktchup. How it has not become part of the tool set in sketchup yet, I don’t know.
This feature would make sketchup even better than it already is.
Anyone know of such plugin or if sketchup have plans to make this a part of the software like fusion does?

Please clarify what you mean by “a sheet metal plugin”. That is, what would you expect it to do?

Like freecad and fusion. The sheet metal option gives you the power to create sheet metal objects (boxes for example) with flange options, flatten, open close etc. Are you familiar with sheet metal in fusion or free cad. If so then this is what I am asking and what I strongly advise sketchup to do, This would make it truly the best program.

also it is parametric whish is always a nice thing.

you might be best served in the immediate timeframe to use the fusion tool and export objects for inclusion into your overall SU models. this feature seems like there is a lot of capability very specific to sheet metal work, whereas SU tends to be generic tools, with extensions providing the enhanced capabilities. maybe there is someone who has / or will / create an extension for this. given that fusion has only released this feature back in August, it still seems pretty new, so finding some extension already existing in SU is small - imho.
that said, even using the native tools and some extensions which are readily available and commonly used, creating sheet metal objects as shown in the videos seems doable - with the caveat that the nice “flatten” feature may not be as readily done in SU without a lot of steps to create your object.