Shaderlight or Light-up




Can someone know the difference between Shaderlight and Light-up
and the option they offert that can help for me to make a choice. I use
it for commercial furniture that we built

Your suggestion are welcome


I hadn’t heard of ShaderLight, but looking at their video it seems to be a competitor to V-Ray and other high quality renderers. Their selling point is that the rendering happens on cloud based computers while you continue to work.

LightUp is entirely different. When you use the Tour Tool your whole scene becomes OpenGL rendered, and you can walk around the place in real time. LightUp also knows quite a lot about lighting, and so you can try out specific bulbs and lights, etc, to see how the final space would look. You can export a better quality render as an image, or as a VR cube, and you can export animations or models with their textures for use in programs such as Unity.

LightUp isn’t a very high quality renderer, but it does do what it does in real time.


Thanks colin for the comment, I will try lightup to see the result


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