Setting status text while using a Tool


Usually, Tools are attached to Commands. While it is possible to set the status_bar_text when hovering over a Toolbar command, it resets to “Ready” when I activate the tool associated with a command. Does the API offer a method to set this text while using the tool to? I know about Command.tooltip, but I’m specifically interested in the status bar.


I use this inside a loops for a few of my plugins…

Sketchup.set_status_text((" #{count} of #{edges.length}" ),SB_PROMPT)



See SketchUp.set_status_text. A Tools can set this text to whatever it wants from within any of the Tool’s callback methods.


Yes, commands can also set their status text (since SU 2013+ ONLY ONCE.)

In SketchUp 8 and earlier we used to be able to dynamically change the command status text, but when they added the newer fancy tooltips (with the status text used as a description,) it became static.

So for dynamism within a tool, do as John shows above.


That’s a bit emberassing, didn’t know I could access it directly. Thanks


But outside of a tool, any movement of the mouse causes the active tool’s status text to overwrite the status area. (So it only makes sense to use the status area inside a Ruby tool.)