Set vector list item during a loop. How to get the changed list after the loop

Triangle vertex offset

Shift with the same length of the vertices of a triangle on their bisector
How to combine the vectors created during the loop into a list and then be able to reuse them outside the loop?
Thanks for your help

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What about the list of vectors supplied though the “points” output? Is this what you are looking for?

Hello Kris
The points returned by the loop output include all points, including duplicates.
And I would like to have only the list of a point generated at each turn of the loop.
I can’t find the correct exit node. It may be a missing node, but essential to avoid cleaning the list from the loop output.

In Ruby, we initialize an empty array before the loop
array = []
and then in the loop with an iterator i, we do a:
array[i] = .
After the loop, we can use the values of the array

I’m looking to have the same thing with the nodes!

Hi Simon,

Good question! As you’ve figured out, loops only accept geometry/primitives (i.e. via a geometry connection). Luckily for us in the case of vectors, this is easily remedied by converting the vectors into point primitives via a points node (see here).

As for other data types (including vectors!) this can be a bit trickier, but we can use a workaround by adding an attribute to a point, or primitive within a loop, then getting that attribute after the loop (with the add attribute and get attribute nodes).

If I’ve missed anything, let me know!

Also, when you mention another node, do you think something along the lines of a “data loop” node?