Set Them Layout Lines Free

Layout drawing objects dont need containers. But they are imprisoned within them to conform with the viewports and textboxes.

But the labels broke free now, because they wanted to be labels, celebrating their individuality Hurray!

Drawing objects are just a bunch of polylines. But now, we cannot stretch them: We cannot select a portion of one polyline together with a portion of another. And that is kind of a big deal, because stretch is very useful in all 2D.

The Gismo also would be so much powerful then, a rotate, stretch and move tool for a selected part of your geometry, and operating on that geometry would work just like in sketchup.
@adam Set Gizmo free too ! :slight_smile:

Of course, without the object scale handles, one needs a scale tool that invokes those old handles, but for a selection set of linework, and not objects. A much more powerful scale operation.

This makes it even easier to get to the right corner of geometry for snapping. Some say it slows them down selecting the scale grips instead of the snaps. No more of that without those handles.

Text and viewports would stay the same in their containers of course, as those are actual containers. This would make drawing conceptually clearer, closer to sketchup, and easier to learn.

I’m struggling to understand you.

The labels no longer have bounding boxes around the object.

If that were true also for linework then it would be just as if those were exploded, and you could operate on it just like if you had double-clicked on a shape.

If you have double-clicked on a shape you can manipulate the geometry, moving points and edges. But you can only work on one object at the time.

This would move two lines that belongs to two different contiguous shapes, and stretch the rest of the geometry accordingly:

Screen Recording 2024-04-26 at 10.22.48

this could stretch a rectangle, and move some other geometry also selected at the same time, in one operation:
Screen Recording 2024-04-26 at 10.33.36

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However, I’m against the idea that making Layout more like SketchUp is necessarily better.

Any improvements to layout should be in the context of what is best for Layout and not as a 2D clone of SketchUp.

The basics of Layout is not difficult to learn.

agree fully