Sending drawing to another computer

How or can I send a jpg, pdf of a drawing to someone who does not have google scetchup?

Use File > ‘Export 2d’ as a graphic file, like jpg or png.
The current view is then saved as an image file.
You just attach that to an email etc.

Your computer will also come with built-in ‘snapshot’ tools to allow you to make images of any part of the screen you want, or there are several free applications to do that and edit the resultant image file too…

Direct PDF export, with shadows etc, is not supported on PCs, but there are several free/inexpensive PDF writer programs available which would allow you to ‘print’ the SketchUp screen directly into a PDF file.
Alternatively there are several free online services that would receive an image-file and return a PDF of it for you.

There are alsoa 3D PDF making plugin for SketchUp [$] that allow the recipient to navigate around the model now frozen intoa PDF format… search for it…