Select multiple images from an explorer window

For one of my method under development, i need to offer the possibility to the user to select on the fly several images in a folder in order to convert them into several SketchUp materials.

It seems to me that the openpanel method allows the user to select a single file.

For example in Windows, you just have to hold down the CTRL key to be able to select several files in a folder.

Is there a way to do this from a SketchUp window?

Thank you

You would need to use a HTML dialog.

The list of files would be collected using Ruby’s Dir class and inserted into the HTML <select> control.
An “Apply” button’s onClick event would pass the selected values back to a Ruby-side callback proc attached to the dialog object.

Hm… the UI.select_directory method support multiple selection. That would be a good addition to the file selectors. I’d recommend you log a feature request for it.