Segments of circles

hi there
i’m having a problem when downloading a model that have circles…the edges don’t look smooth even after rendering…is there anything i should change in the settinngs?

please help
thank you

Look at this, it explains all you need to know to solve your issue.

thanks a lot, but what i’m facing is when downloading a model with circles and not when drawing a circle

In what file format are the models you download? Can you post an example?

Generally, you would select the model and use the “Soften/smooth” slider.

the circles look very bad!!

The person who made the original file and / or the exporter (if it wasn’t made in SU) didn’t do a very good job. It’s not just an issue of segment count, but also of circle eating each other.

Using this model straight away, not many solutions. There are extensions that allow you to raise or lower the linecount, but some of the circles aren’t circles anymore because they are getting bit by the other circles.

Honestly ?

I would take 5 min, draw a rectangle, draw some high polygon circles on it (48 or event 72 sides) and remake the panel. it would be quicker, cleaner, and I would have full control.

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it took 5 min. including 2 on photoshop to correct the perspective of your image so I could trace on it in SU.

often, correcting stuff is not as efficient as making it yourself, especially since you already have most dimensions (on the incorrect version)

well.skp (642.5 KB)