Seamless Texture Web Sites and Sky Backgrounds


Hi, I’m looking for Seamless Texture Websites for Brick, Siding, Metal Roofing, Grass, Mulch, Marble, etc. I don’t mind paying for a subscription fee. If you know of any Real World Companies that offer their seamless texture as downloads, that would be great as well. I did find a great site for stone seamless textures at Eldorodo Stone Company. You need to check it out.

I’m also looking for high resolution Sky images I can use as background scenes I can project onto a quarter dome.


Remember, that you can import your own image and save as a custom texture.

Form Fonts is a great site to check out as well.

Below is a long list of other sites. … d=3&page=1 … tures.html

Hope this helps.



Nice list. I may add some to the SU Sage. Just Googling for something specific works too.

Material/texture resources on the Sage. It also has links to tiling tutorials, assorted editors, relevant plugins, and more. One of those ‘more’ things is a tutorial on skydomes/globes. A sky isn’t just projected, it should be UV mapped. There are some plugins that will do that. But after you have one skydome - either download or created, then all you have to do is replace the painted material with another one. The UV mapping is retained from the original skydome. The important thing is to use the right size image. The tutorial goes over all of that.


Excellent, Thank you Patrick for that list. I’ll go over that this evening.