Seamless or Photoshoot set up

Hey Community!

I’m in search for a sketchup model that resembles a photo studio set up. Surfaces, turntable, and seamless backdrop.

Also, is there anyway to get packs of models that aren’t standard in the #3d-warehouse?


Those things would be very easy to draw from scratch and you can make them exactly the way you want them.

What do you mean? What are you looking for? You could check Form Fonts for models if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the 3D Warehouse.

I’m looking for a seamless that you would use for a photo shoot.

Also, I’m new to Sketchup and didn’t know if there was a place to find 3D models outside of the warehouse.



You might want to start by learning to draw your own objects in SketchUp.

I actually know how to do this. I just am new to figuring out how to find new 3D models.

What? 3D models exist outside of SketchUp? Blasphemy. :slight_smile:

We’ve done things for TV / Movie sets with Advanced Camera Tools. Note the pivot points on equipment, and camera parameters. Other than that, search more, or start from another model and enhance, e.g.

Thanks for the mention Dave. As it happens, we’ve got tons of theatrical and exhibition lighting and gantries etc, but no actual photoshoot stuff. That’s easily remedied. Now for a few more lamps, an assistant holding a reflector and a hot babe on the turntable. :wink: