Scrapbook in LayOut

How do I delete some of my scrapbook page after editing please?

What exactly do you want to delete? A scrapbook that you created or just one page in a scrapbook that you created.

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The one i created and will not be bad If I understand how to delete one page in the scrapbook that I create as well.

Go to the user folder where your scrapbook file is saved and delete it. Look in Preferences>Folders.
Screenshot - 5_19_2024 , 8_15_07 AM

Select the scrapbook in the Scrapbooks panel and click on Edit. Then edit the scrapbook as you would any other LayOut file. When you are finished, click File>Save.
Screenshot - 5_19_2024 , 8_38_15 AM

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It doesn’t work for me by the way

What doesn’t work. Be specific when you post here.

the page i added to my scrapbook

The page you added doesn’t work?

Why is it so difficult for you to clearly describe your issues? Write it in your native language and we’ll use Google Translate if we have to but explain exactly what you are having trouble with. We’re volunteering to help you for free. Don’t make it hard for us to do so.

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